Contact Form 7 is my preferred contact form in most site, It’s free, light weight, and easy to use. It’s full of awesomeness. Here are several tips for Contact Form 7 user that I use regularly. #1. Use Akismet to protect from Spam. Lately I prefer using reCAPTCHA for most site, because the new “single check box” thing is awesome. However, if a client don’t want captcha, the best way to fight Spam is by using Akismet in Contact Form 7. Here’s how to integrate Akismet in CF7: Activate and set akismet (with API key) Add akismet options in your CF7 input. The inputs you need to modify is “name”, “email”, and “website”. CF7 will send “name”, “email”, and “website” to akismet server and akismet will check it in their database/algorithm and tell CF7 if it’s a spam/not. Here is example of Contact Form 7 configuration using Akismet integration: Your Name (required)     [text* your-name akismet:author] Your Email (required)     [email* your-email akismet:author_email] Your Website     [url your-website akismet:author_url] Your Message (required)     [textarea* your-message]
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