It’s been nearly a year since we got all the results from the theme directory survey. One of the things that the team believed to be low-hanging fruit was an overhaul of the theme tags system to something a bit more modern and useful for today’s WordPress users. After several rounds of discussion here on the blog and Slack, we came up with a proposal to overhaul the tags used. Today, I’m happy to announce that we’re rolling out new and updated tags, which should make filtering themes just a little bit better. On the theme tags page, we have a working draft of all the new tags. What does this mean for theme authors? Theme authors should start updating their themes with the new tags. In particular, we have some awesome new subject tags to better categorize what types of themes y’all are building. Take a look at the tags that have been removed and the tags that have been added in the lists below. You’ll want to remove the “removed” tags from your theme’s style.css and add any new tags that are relevant to your theme. This is the header in your theme’s style.css that looks like this: Tags: one-column, featured-images, microformats,
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