The first product I created and launched was a WordPress theme for fitness professionals. I had worked for a fitness company as their in-house designer for a few years, and learned a lot about the fitness world. I was still in contact with my former boss, and he agreed to help me promote the theme to his (fairly large) audience as an affiliate. We launched the product and it did well. I can’t remember the exact numbers, but it was a 4-figure per month product for years after that. Not bad! I went on to launch other products with varying success, including more than one that completely fell flat. I have also launched 2 SaaS products and multiple plugins, obviously including AppPresser. I’m not a product launch expert, but I’ve done it enough times to know a few things. I’ve certainly made my fair share of mistakes. If you are launching a product for the first time, I can almost guarantee you will make one of these mistakes. Even if you read this article – and 10 other better articles – and tell me you learned all of these mistakes and you won’t make them…you’ll still make at least one of them. I know because I’m guilty of it
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