Hi everyone! Today I’d like to propose a new feature project for WordPress: Next Generation Rewrites. After proposing this at the last feature projects meeting, it’s time to flesh out the details of what this project would be. The aim of the project is to modernise the rewriting and routing system for the modern CMS and platform era of WordPress. (This project was previously proposed in a ticket on Trac, however the project is larger than a single Trac ticket and needs a larger discussion.) Overview If you’ve worked with custom development on WordPress, you’ve probably registered at least one rewrite rule. Rewrites are the key to what WordPress calls “pretty permalinks”, which are URLs designed for humans rather than the server. They look like /2016/04/19/, or /about/requirements/, rather than index.php?p=42. As a developer, you can register your own rewrite rules as well. For example, bbPress registers URLs like /forums/topic/jjj-is-awesome/ and WooCommerce has URLs like /product/gs3/. WordPress then “re-writes” these to the internal query variables (“query vars”), which are eventually passed into the main WP Query. The rewrite system was initially designed to implement pretty permalinks,
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