Follow us: remote work The working life of man is ever changing, society is coming up with new rules for the same game. We are constantly reading what’s good for us, and of course, everyone is now asking about the new phenomenon, is making Starbucks your new office the right choice? Interestingly enough, the idea of or working from home is not a new one, but in the 18th Century in the City of London most office work was done either from home or from coffee shops. Clerks used to live with shop owners and work from home avoiding commutes. It seems that remote work is rather retro. However, the 21st Century brings with it a plethora of technology and so in order to get a better idea of what remote work looks like today, I decided to go straight to the source. How Automattic Does Remote Work Luca Sartoni, Growthketeer at Automattic and Davor Altman, Happiness Engineer at Automattic, both currently spend their time working remotely and I had the opportunity to talk to them about it. Automattic employs over 450 people remotely, living and working in different countries, continents, time zones. These people work together to create, support, maintain and design new products, and they do this
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