I chat with a lot of WordPress Business Professionals and Product Developers. That’s a big part of my role here at WordImpress. It helps me understand the landscape in which our business lives and thrives in. It also helps me be informed on best practices for plugin development, business models, and more. There’s a small handful of folks who I listen to religiously. They’re like my daily devotions of WordPress business. Some of them are folks like Pippin Williamson, James Laws, Steve Zehngut. But recently three favorites of mine had a bit of back and forth on the question of WordPress products and SaaS: Chris Lema, Josh Pollock, and Vova Feldman. The Backstory: Josh started by saying that SaaS is just going to get you Recurring Revenue, and there’s actually several other relatively easy ways to get that recurring revenue instead of SaaS. Chris followed up saying actually SaaS is more than recurring revenue, it’s that plus the ability to control your product and more fully understand your customers. Josh understood and agreed with Chris’ point and followed-up with an article saying the wordpress.org should give plugin authors more data to better understand
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