If my clients find out what I use to manage their websites, they will get the tools themselves and stop paying me. A part of my job is to talk to WordPress maintenance service professionals, and this is the number one reason why they white label it. It’s a logical assumption; after all, your clients already have a WordPress website and know how to use it. Most of the stuff you need for WordPress maintenance is either straightforward or comes with plenty of documentation and training material. But if this is truly a no-brainer, how come a lot of successful WordPress professionals don’t white label their service? Troy Dean from WP Elevation shared his perspective on our AMA over at ManageWP.org When I first started out I used a white label everything and as I have matured as a consultant and I have more belief in what I offer I have become less inclined to try and white label everything because I feel more secure in the value that I offer my clients. I think our tendency to white label everything when we start out is because we think if our clients know all the tools we use they can just do it themselves, when the reality is even if they knew how to do what we do they don’t
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