I’ve been at Automattic for 10 months and one of the most fascinating aspects about Automattic is how fast everything is. New projects will get spun up, team members added, and a minimum viable product (MVP) out the door in less time that it takes your typical company to green light the project. How is this possible? Automattic is faster than WooThemes ever was. And Automattic is 450 people and WooThemes prior to the acquisition was 50 people. How can a 400 people company move this fast? The unbelievable speed is due, in part, to how empowered all employees are to solve their day to day problems. Bottom Up Ideas A good deal of the projects at Automattic are bottom-up ideas. They’re ideas from people on the front lines (developers, designers, happiness engineers, etc.) and they’re organized and launched by those same people. Everything at Automattic is transparent so there’s no official stamp of approval. To get a project launched you just need to post that you’re doing it. The next step is to get other people to help you out. Most projects will require at least one developer and one designer so you’ll need to get them involved. Since there isn’t any official process to get a project
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