I am sure that many of you know about the hosting page change on WordPress.org. And many of you would have been involved in spreading the news, I made sure to do so myself. There were many requests from various parties to fix up the hosting page, after having a few of the hosts taken down. One of such requests came from the WordPress Support Team. The background of this is that, we are not supposed to directly recommend any host beyond linking to the host page. At least not on the W.org support forums. But we were also wary on only recommending one host. So we got James to look into who’s managing the page. We found out that Matt has intentions to fix up the page. But we all know that he is a busy man, and with the Support Team, we are probably one of those that actually have to link to that page on a daily basis. So I told James – why don’t we help? And James did. The strange thing was how this all turned out later. The intention of James’ involvement was that he is an employee with a NDA and the survey was meant to be confidential. Could you imagine the advantage of having a database of the strengths and weaknesses of over a 100 hosts? The hosts who submitted
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