There will come a point in every freelancer’s life where they will be faced with some hard sells. If you haven’t encountered this yet, let me set the scene for you. You get this email from an owner with the initial requirements of what seems to be a fun and exciting project. The tone of the email is exciting, ambitious, and eager to be working with you. Towards the end of that email there’s the tease of “and if this works out, it could turn into more work.” You start to get really excited because it’s a fairly well known company, the project seems like a great one to be a part of, and the idea of more work sounds perfect! So you reply back and set up a time to talk or meet. The only thing with this project is that it doesn’t fit perfectly within your service offering. However it’s still very much doable. You get to the meeting and have some initial casual chit chat before getting into the meat of the project. You both talk about the paths you took to get to where you are right now. The prospect starts talking about the project that was mentioned in the email. Saying all the right things that seem to be exciting and interesting about the
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