Step back in time two, three, four, or even 10 years and take a look at the development decisions you made then. What do you notice about them? Unless you are a one-in-a-million statistic, you probably look at those past decisions and say to yourself what was I thinking?! Why did I do it that way?! Welcome to the real world of actual development. As developers, we grow and learn over time; we get better at making design pattern decisions; we get better at writing performant code; we get better at all aspects of development. Take a look at any project that has been around for a number of years and you will find gremlins hiding in its shadows and crevices. There will be internal APIs that are convoluted; there will be data structures that make zero logical sense; there will be function names that seem asinine; there will be blatant problems and it will appear that these are the results of poorly made development decisions. While this is sometimes true, it is far more likely that these gremlins are actually the result of inexperience that leads to a lack of foresight and understanding of the future consequences of non-well-thought-out designs. Smooth resolutions of bad design patterns
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