Five Roadblocks to Hosting Partnerships Every week or two I get on a Clarity call with a product company that is sure they’re a perfect match for a particular (or any) hosting company. On most of my calls they want advice on approaching these hosting companies. Sometimes they want me to do the introductions for them – as they’re not known, and I have good relationships with several hosting companies. Of course, from the more than 100 requests to be introduced to a host, I have only ever introduced 3 or 4 products to a hosting company. That’s a 3-4% rate, which is pretty small. So today I thought I would tell you all the roadblocks that limit you from all those hosting partnerships you’re looking for. Side note: These same reasons are applicable for a lot of people that want partnerships in general. 1 – You’re solving a problem they don’t have Hosting companies have a lot of challenges. Tons. They have to train their staff, monitor support experiences, sell (both up and down market), and manage all their infrastructure. Beyond that, they have issues with performance monitoring and financial performance. These are all real problems. You know they don’t have? They don’t have a huge problem
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