Sometimes, being a web designer is more than just creating a beautiful, functional website. You may have to play different roles depending upon the situation and the client you’re working with. One of the more common roles you’ll have to play is that of a teacher. It could be as simple as explaining how to make a website does what your clients want or need. Often, though, there’s a part of teaching that is a bit more nuanced. There will be times when you work with a client who is not particularly tech-savvy. And, as is often the case when someone is trying to accomplish something that is a little outside of their expertise, they can be quite uneasy with the process. I experience the exact same feeling when something needs fixed around the house. How do you go about making a client feel comfortable in this type of situation? It involves being part teacher and a little bit therapist. Listen and identify pain points Your first task in creating a comfortable environment for your client is to simply listen to what they have to say and ask good questions in response. If they currently have a website that they aren’t fully satisfied with, find out why. Go beyond just
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