Editor’s Note: When we say “Ultimate Guide,” we mean it! Here’s a handy table of contents to help navigate the post: Introduction: Let’s figure out what an SEO audit is all about. Technical Audit On-page Audit (Content Audit) Off-page Audit I’ll be the first one to admit it: “SEO Audit” sounds brain-numbingly boring. Audits are the whole reason that people make jokes about accountants and IRS employees. And here you are reading an article on creating an SEO audit. Let me just say it: An SEO audit is anything but boring. Sure, you might have to dive into some of the tech geekery of SEO, but the results that you produce are powerful, game-changing, revenue-impacting, and thoroughly actionable. You think I overstate my case? Quick example: I conducted an SEO audit for a large manufacturing firm selling multi-million dollar processing equipment with a 12-24 month sales cycle. Needless to say, a single click on their CTA is cause for a company-wide celebration. One tech audit, and one month later, they were receiving dozens of inquiries per month. The business impact? Millions of dollars in additional revenue. From whence came such a bounty
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