Forms are a crucial part of the the web. We love collecting information from our site’s visitors and forms gives us a lot of different ways to accomplish that. Almost every site has a form of some kind, from a simple newsletter signup, all the way to forms that have hundreds of input fields like a job application. As patrons of the internet we’ve fallen under the spell of forms, and it’s a love that none of us can deny. As designers and developers, we hate it when things look different in every different browser. No one starts designing a website with an end goal of having five different versions. Forms and input fields are infamous for varying from browser to browser. This is our house and these are our rules, so for today’s Workbench post, we’re going to show you what we’ve done to standardize the process of styling forms for our client projects, and give you some fairly simple CSS form styling snippets that will help you do the same. Bonus content: We’ve also included a tutorial for building a newsletter signup form, replete with animations, using the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin. Getting started with HTML5 Reset Before we can get into
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