Though the REST API has been hogging the headlines over the last 12 months, there’s also been significant recent work on two areas traditionally at the heart of WordPress: the Theme Directory and the Plugin Directory. With version three of the Plugin Directory marching towards a provisional late June release, now is an excellent time to look at what’s coming down the pipeline in that regard. It’s a potentially major step forward for plugin authors and users, and set to be one of the most significant changes to the platform this year. In this piece, we’ll tee up the much-anticipated imminent release, and step through aspects of what’s currently known about upcoming changes to areas such as search, tags, ratings, and reviews. Let’s kick things off first, though, with a brief recap of the story so far. The Path To The Latest Version Of the Plugin Directory The first of WordPress’ big two directories to go under the knife was the Theme Directory back in early 2015 – its first major revamp since, somewhat astonishingly, 2008. As the post-release notes from Konstantin Obenland showed, the changes involved both a fresh facelift and some serious
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