Last week the creators of Timber, the plugin that enables WordPress theme developers to write HTML using the Twig Template Engine, released version 1.0 on The plugin is active on more than 10,000 websites where theme authors have elected to keep PHP files separate from HTML. Timber is built on DRY and MVC principles to solve the problem stated in its unofficial tagline: “Because WordPress is awesome, but the_loop isn’t.” Over the past four years, the open source project has evolved from being a starter theme to a plugin that can be added to existing themes. It is now used on thousands of websites and has 83 contributors listed on GitHub. “In 2012 I was getting more into WordPress after doing lots of JS development with Handlebars (a JS templating language),” Timber creator Jared Novack said. “I went to WordCamp Providence to learn more about state-of-the-art WordPress ways. I remember thinking: ‘This is great, but I really miss the cleanliness of Handlebars — I wish someone would make something like that for WordPress.’ That’s when I realized, I was that someone.” Novack was playing around with Smarty and
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