What is CDN CDN stands for Content Management System. It is, very simply put, a network of servers, which are distributed over various locations around the globe, which help delivers web content faster to the user based on their geographic location, the origin of the web page and a content delivery server. In this article we will do a CDN performance test between some of the top CDN providers. To read about the Pros and Cons of CDN, you can go through this article : Pros and Cons of CDN Top WordPress CDN Performance Comparison Let’s get straight to the test. In this test we will be comparing the performances of the most popular CDN service providers being used for WordPress sites. There will be 2 tests, for website speed test from different locations around the globe and a Load test performance benchmark test. The Contenders CloudFlare Amazon CloudFront MaxCDN CDN77 Incapsula We have only considered the WordPress CDN providers which offer a free or a trail plan. If you wish to see more CDNs added to the list, please feel free to drop in a comment below. Site Details We are using a WordPress 4.5.2 website, with around 200 posts and 200 attachments. The WordPress site is running
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