Welcome to the 15th edition of our transparency report (for April 2016). This is a series where I share everything happening at CodeinWP and ThemeIsle from a business point of view. Each month, I try to cover the most interesting goings-on, give you my opinions on *things* and share my plans for the next months. Click here to see the previous reports. The good and the bad One of the readers pointed out that I don’t share too many negative things or simply things that didn’t work in these reports. Thinking on it for a couple of days … I have to agree, he’s totally right. But I’m kind of on the fence with the idea itself. On the one hand, knowing what kind of mistakes someone has made can help you not make them yourself. But on the other, there’s rarely something like a “mistake” when we’re talking online marketing or running a business. I mean, let’s say that Method X didn’t work for me at all. Does it mean that it won’t work for you as well? Of course not. Also, I believe that talking about what has worked brings more value, as you can try to tweak those ideas to your own business and replicate them somehow. And
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