Developers work hard building plugins and themes that benefit users. Whether it’s an eCommerce system, booking plugin or gallery showcase for example, there’s a dedicated developer or two that’s worked hard bringing everything together. Documentation on the other hand sadly becomes an after-thought. It is often left to either a scarce few sentences on the WordPress plugin directory, a series of notes on GitHub or if you’re lucky a poorly maintained external website (that may vanish at any moment). WordPress comes with an in-built Contextual Help Screen that can be accessed from anywhere in the admin dashboard. You’ve probably seen this before, it likes to hide up in the top right hand corner of your page (toggled with the ‘help’ button). Today I will cover how you can use the WordPress contextual help screens to document important parts of your theme/plugin, such as commonly used settings, shortcodes or other functionality. Interacting with WP_Screen To add your new help tab to your admin pages you will be interacting with the WP_Screen class which is referenced when WordPress loads any admin area. Instead of using the WP_Screen class directly
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