In this tutorial we're going to investigate using composer as the dependency manager for WordPress. What Is Composer? Composer is a dependency manager for PHP which allows you to easily manage any third party libraries within your application. You can specify an exact version you want to use on any of the third party packages. Composer will then look up the tag version of this package and download that version into your application. When developing with WordPress you are dependent on multiple third party libraries for your website to work, things like the core WordPress code and the specific version you're running. Third party plugins from can change the functionality of your website so you're dependent on these running the latest version. This is the reason why composer can be used to manage the updates of your plugins, themes and the core WordPress code on your WordPress site. As this is a dependency manager for PHP you don't have to limit yourself to just WordPress plugins you can use composer to manage generic PHP libraries. Using composer within WordPress will mean when developing the application you don't need to commit any third party libraries to your own source
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