What's Let's Encrypt? For years, purchasing, renewing, installing and managing SSL certificates overwhelmed me with expense and complexity. Now, Let's Encrypt makes it fairly simple and free. Let’s Encrypt is an emerging, free, automated, and open certificate authority brought to you by a California public benefit corporation called the Internet Security Research Group—it also has nonprofit status. Its goal is to make HTTPS become the default Internet browser protocol to ensure greater privacy and security on the web. Mozilla and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are two of its platinum sponsors: Let's Encrypt entered public beta in December, so I can now easily guide you through exploring its services. In this tutorial, I'll walk you through installing Let's Encrypt on a few of my websites, including my WordPress consulting website, http://lookahead.io, soon to be https://. Before we get started, please remember, I do try to participate in the discussions below. If you have a question or topic suggestion, please post a comment below or contact me on Twitter @reifman. Let's Encrypt Feature Summary Let’s Encrypt runs on Python working with Apache to automate certificate
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