This course will help you get from where you are now to using Value-Based Pricing with every project. Value-Based Pricing is anything but simple. It is a complex system, but we have broken it down systematically and given you a roadmap that is easy to follow. The transition to Value-Based Pricing does not happen overnight. It is not like flipping a switch. But we don’t just give you the system and then leave you to fend for yourself. We help you transition from your existing clients to getting the great clients you want and making more money than ever before. We give you actions steps in every lesson and show you exactly what to do in the in-between stages. You’ll learn what you need to be doing while you wrap up existing clients to prepare for Value-Based Pricing. Make more money. Never be held back by arbitrary pricing again. Create more value and substantially increase your profits. Calculate the perfect price. Get access to tools that will help you assemble a price that will be a no-brainer to your client every time. Enjoy your work again. Rediscover your passion for your craft and finally work with clients that respect you and your process. Learn to discover value.
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