VersionPress 3.0, released this week, is the first version since the plugin became a free, open source project. Creators Borek Bernard and Jan Vorá?ek, who originally attempted to crowdfund the project and then raised $400,000 in seed funding, announced last month that they are transitioning to a public development model. The team’s goal with this release was to polish up the experience of using VersionPress in the default WordPress installation while adding more useful features. However, it is not yet ready for use in production, according to Bernard. “We’re still keeping VersionPress in the “early access” period, because of the third party plugins integration story but on simpler sites, VersionPress already shines,” he said. One of the most notable new features in VersionPress 3.0 is the plugin’s ability to track commits with the environment where they were created. Users can view changes in the admin and easily see if they were pushed to the staging or production environment. Version 3.0 also adds searching capabilities for filtering commits by author, date, commit message, and WordPress action. This release also includes a new bulk undo feature for commits and many improvements
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