As the title states, this was the week when WPLift changed owner. Oli and I have been working very hard to get me up to speed on everything that is WPLift. That is a LOT… As Oli poored his soul into this website for over 6 years . But first things first. Let me give you a proper introduction of myself. As I have been hearing a lot of people wondering who the new buyer is… My name is Daan Tol – I’m an 34 year old Dutch online freelancer, with 7 years of WordPress experience. Am I a die hard WordPress coder? No. I’m a guy who has installed dozens of plugins and themes into many WordPress installs to check out new designs, functions, connections, SEO improvements, etc. etc. You can say that I have a bit a knack for finding cool plugins and nice themes. Why did I buy WPLift? I was looking to become more of an entrepreneur then a freelancer. This website gives me more freedom to make my own choices, instead of doing what my clients want. It is a large investment, not one without risks, but I’m in it for the long run and will do my utmost to make it succeed. Oli has created a great blog, and I feel it as my duty to maintain that quality. So here we go
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