Welcome to Episode 15 of Mastermind.fm! Today our resident masterminds Jean and James tackle the topic of having a successful WordPress plugin: from zero to success. Join them today and take a tour through the major attributes that a plugin business needs to become successful, from a pair of entrepreneurs who know the drill firsthand. We’ll outline them below, but tune in for the full story! Mastermind.fm is proudly sponsored by Nobody wants to use your plugin. They use it to solve a problem! Attributes of a successful plugin business: Solve a problem Ooze quality in the way your plugin is built and coded Timing Team Get the word out Reviews & Relationships Extensibility Point 1 and 2: Solve a problem, but make it as pleasurable of an experience for the user as you can. Nobody wakes up in the morning excited to build a form for their website, but they shouldn’t dread having to do it either! Style your plugin so that it is tasteful and comfortable within WordPress. It doesn’t have to be a WordPress UI clone though- sometimes you have to think outside the box to solve your users’ problems. Point 3: Is there a need to fill, and is there anyone filling the need
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