Although contributing to the open source–and specifically, the WordPress–community has always been a central component of WebDevStudios’ philosophy, it wasn’t until October of 2014 that we figured out how to formally contribute as a full company. We started participating in Five for the Future, where we designated 5% of WDS working hours to giving back to WordPress. Since many of our developers are passionate about WordPress, it wasn’t difficult to get everyone on board, and a bunch of cool things have come out of the time we’ve spent on it! This past month, we worked on a few projects during FTF time that we thought you might like to hear about: wdunderscores You’ve heard us talk a lot about our internal starter theme, wd_s. We kicked off the year with Greg detailing the history of wd_s, and sharing the process that led to where it is in 2016. Damon followed it up with a post about utilizing wd_s when kicking off a new project, and Greg finished off the series with what the future holds for wd_s. Corey talked about wd_s going veggie by dropping the ever-controversial hamburger navigation menu, and Damon created and shared the wd_s Pattern Library. In April of this year, wd_s got even
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