A big chunk of the FullStory engineering team formerly worked at Google, where there is a famously strong emphasis on code quality. Perhaps the most important foundational tenet at the big G is a practice called code reviews, or, more precisely, “pre-commit” code reviews. We continue the practice at FullStory and hold it as sacrosanct. Although much has been written about the benefits of code reviews, it isn’t yet a ubiquitous practice in the world of software development. But it should be, particularly for large engineering teams or teams with a flat management structure, e.g. no project managers or supervisors. Contained herein are both the big, obvious engineering reasons you should adopt code reviews, as well as the more nuanced – but equally important – benefits to your customers and your own company culture. How do code reviews work at FullStory? While working on a new feature, Dave (for example) will cut a branch from the current version of our master product and work exclusively on that branch, a process with which I’m sure most of the coding world is intimately familiar. But before he can reintegrate the changes into master, Pratik or another
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