What is PHP, and why does your server’s version of PHP matter? PHP is the primary language WordPress is built upon and the more efficiently it allows your server to interact with your readers’ browser, the better their experience.: Advancements in technology bring down costs. Streamlined PHP 7 means more money for you, because you build more quickly with fewer costs. For starters: How Do I Know Which Version of PHP I’m using? If you use the Give plugin, we’ve made it staggeringly easy to determine which version of PHP you are using. Navigate to Donations ? Settings ? System Info (tab) and scroll down to the “Webserver configuration” section. There you’ll see which version of PHP you are using. A Bit of Philosophy Imagine I handed you a hammer and 17 nails and told you to build a shed out of a pile of wood. It’s possible, right? You’ll just need to be creative. Now, imagine I gave you the same assignment with the same pile of wood, but I gave you 57 nails, a nail gun, 15 galvanized lag bolts with nuts, washers, and 13 pieces of steel angle-iron with pre-drilled holes. Sitting on top of the pile of wood is now a hydraulic air wrench and a drill. The job just got a lot easier, right? Advances
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