If you are a crafty person, very often you will make something super cute for yourself. Ultimately, friends, coworkers, and family members notice the hard work, and ask if they could have one for themselves. At first, it may be fun creating custom work for loved ones. After creating gifts for your inner circle, however, it might soon become apparent that there is a market for your work, which means you could branch out and sell it to others! When starting any eCommerce business venture, the immediate question becomes: “Where do I start selling?” With the popularity of the online marketplace Etsy, it can be simple to set up a store and offer your goods to a wide audience in a short period of time. But, is that the best route? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of opening a store on Etsy versus creating a website and running your own online store. Using Etsy Etsy contains a powerful search engine that somewhat serves as free marketing for your products. You don’t necessarily need to invest in advertising to have your shop found on the site. Basic search terms pull up any items that include those words in their listings, enabling your products to be seen by visitors. Another highlight of
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