Amazon S3 is a sensible choice for storing your website’s assets in the cloud, but the benchmarks show that using a CDN is necessary to see any major performance gains. If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely familiar with WP Offload S3, a plugin we offer that allows you to easily upload images and assets to Amazon S3. Storing your Assets on Amazon S3 is a great way to cut down on server space and keep your content in the cloud, but serving these assets from S3 isn’t always the best idea. In this article we’ll be benchmarking three common ways to serve assets from your website – directly from the server, directly from Amazon S3, and from a CDN like Amazon Cloudfront. About the Tests Tests were run using GT Metrix. The website in question was using the default WordPress Twenty Sixteen theme, and the page tested contained 25 random, full-sized images sourced from Unsplash. Each test was run three times from the same location to ensure consistency, and the load time of all assets on that page was averaged together to get a reliable load impact. Loading from the Server This is the most common method of serving assets and how WordPress does it out of
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