With more than 40,000 free plugins available in the repository alone, creating a plugin that will stand out from the crowd can seem like an impossible feat. There is a lot of valuable content out there that provides insight on how to create a successful WordPress plugin, from attending WordCamps and Meetups and contributing to WordPress core, to creating brand awareness and so on. While these are useful strategies, Elliot Condon, creator of the wildly popular Advanced Custom Fields plugin (winner of the first Torque Plugin Madness Tournament), proves that creating a successful plugin isn’t always about brand recognition and networking, but rather in the plugin’s ability to address a real problem better than any other product. We recently talked to Condon about his journey and creating his super-popular custom fields plugin. Condon doesn’t attend WordCamps or Meetups, and he doesn’t actively network with folks in the WordPress community. Still ACF has become one of the most well-known, respected, and useful plugins in the repository. “This is because of the timing, reliability, and overall usefulness of the plugin,” Condon told Torque. Condon said
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