Probably, it would have been the same summers of May last year when Matt Mullenweg and his team at Automattic were preparing to shake the pillars of the WordPress community. The news of WooThemes being acquired by Automattic spread like a fire, and it came as a shock for some but a surprise for many. Anywho, WooMattic Turns One Today! Some Mind Boggling Stats You will be surprised to know that during this one complete year the plugin successfully crossed the 14.4 million downloads with 30% share of the global eCommerce. I am sure the journey would have been an incredible one for all the Woo Ninjas out there especially those who’ve made this plugin grow from 0 to the 10M figure. If my recollection of lost isn’t misleading me then WooCommerce had about 6.7 Million downloads before its acquisition. Last year WooCommerce had over 6.7 million downloads; fast-forward one year of WooMattic acquisition and the download stats are 14.4 million. That’s 7,686,069 downloads and 114% increase in just one year. A Glimpse At The Past Acquisitions are nothing new when it comes to Automattic; they’ve done it before since 2007 from Gravatar till 2014 when they acquired the WordPress
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