I won’t deny it. I love it when people comment on blog posts that I publish. It shows me that people care about what I write about. It also proves that my many hours spent researching, writing and editing content were not made in vain, and have an impact over readers. If you’re a blogger, feedback and appreciation of your published work is important to maintain your motivation to write your next piece. This user feedback usually comes in one of two forms: social shares (FB likes & shares, tweets, pins, etc.) and comments. The problem is that WordPress’s default comment system is far from being perfect, to say the least. While some bloggers and site owners still use it, many use plugins to enhance or repljetpackace it. In this article I’d like to find out once and for all which is the best comment platform for WordPress, analyzing all the different features, pros and cons. I am going to compare 3 of the most popular comments platforms: the default WordPress comments, Jetpack comments and Disqus. I will not rest until I am certain that I have found the best comment platform, according to the standards I deem important. 1. Ease of commenting The most important
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