WordPress is as common as pizza. Like pizza, many people, even children and the elderly, have heard of WordPress. A person can put anything they want in it and not everyone has to like it. It is found around the world like a mouth watering pizza pie. Some people like their pizza with pepperoni, while some like sausage, and I like mine with bacon, green pepper, sliced tomato, and extra pineapple. With pizza and WordPress, you have options, not choices. In pizza your options include the type of sauce, crust, toppings — and the best part is the cheese which holds it all together. Versatility is the Power of Pizza and WordPress What makes pizza appealing is the versatility. Just like pizza is one of the most versatile food items on the planet, WordPress has been designed to be versatile for any type of website. The site can be a standard blog where the writer puts their thoughts out for the world to see. It can be a business site that is completely informational without one blog post. The website can be an online store where a person can buy tee shirts and penguin pajama pants. It can even be a pizza restaurant site where the pizza can be ordered from home, with a cell phone, in your favorite
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