Earlier this year, the WordPress project made a huge move by adopting accessibility coding standards for new and updated code. If you’re struggling to meet WCAG 2.0 guidelines in your WordPress projects and need help, check out the new Accessibility section in the WordPress.org support forums. WordPress Accessibility Support Amanda Rush, who helps WordPress developers make their themes and plugins accessible, says the forum is the result of a conversation with a support team member at WordCamp Atlanta. “I mentioned that part of what makes the job difficult when it comes to making WordPress accessible is stopping during our work to answer occasional questions. “Most of the time the answer is not a quick one, because in the case of screen reader users, you have to first find out how well they can use their tech, how familiar they are with WordPress itself, and if neither of those chances are high, you spend time giving them a crash course in either one or both, and then answer their question,” Rush said. Most of the people on the WordPress Accessibility team are volunteers with full-time jobs which limits their ability to provide one-on-one support. Many of the support queries come through
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