Themes play a very important part in learning how to use WordPress as they control the appearance and feel of the public-facing side of the website. Getting to know a theme is critical for new users as it will be where they will likely need to place their logos and select configurations to work towards making each one uniquely theirs. Themes can also be a major pain point for new users as there isn’t a uniform standard as to how they work and how-to documentation can be somewhat cryptic for a newbie. Fortunately, you can only use one theme at a time, so I recommend starting with a theme that is simple. I recommend gravitating towards a theme with more options when you have a better grasp of how WordPress ticks. The best thing about WordPress is that you can change your theme relatively easily as your content will, for the most part, stay in the same place. Here are some ideas for selecting your first starter WordPress theme: Simplicity Look for a theme that is simplistic and maybe not rich in features. We, as consumers, love extra features, but whenever we are learning something new, those extras can just become a big burden. Work toward sharpening your basics WordPress skills,
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