photo credit: Post no bills - (license) One of the main items on the agenda for the Theme Review Team this week was to finalize what type of upselling is allowed in themes hosted on With the requirement of using the customizer for options, theme authors have gotten creative with upsells and will sometimes include panels and sections that are inoperable unless the user purchases the commercial version. The team voted on a set of guidelines previously discussed. The counts shown below represent votes in favor of each individual guideline, and no members voted against any of them, according to the reckoning Justin Tadlock posted in the meeting notes: No global nags at top of admin pages. +12 One top-level link in the customizer (other unobtrusive links in sections allowed). +8 Allow one Appearance sub-page. +11 No options or panels/sections behind a paywall. +11 Overall, team members agreed that any upsell links should be unobtrusive and the new proposed guidelines favor keeping the customizer clean and the Appearance menu simple. Although the majority of Theme Review Team members are in favor of the items above, their inclusion in the handbook is not yet set in stone. “Note
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