WordPress is now the major league champion of e-commerce possibilities. Just a few short years ago, WordPress used to be a nice platform where you could set up a free blog to tell the world about whatever cause or hobbies you were into. It was easy to use, better than cheap, and it was a comfortable place for people to get their ideas out into the world. Who would have known that in just a few years, WordPress would change how we built websites and shopped online? WordPress Revolution Back in the internet’s infancy, big companies had all of the advantages. They could afford a stable of tech wizards who knew how to set up a website and make it look really good. It’s funny to think now that a full-featured site that did nothing more than offer pages of company information, a phone number, and an email address. Every type of business, from one-person accounting offices to huge corporations now depends on WordPress. I see companies like Ford and Best Buy with WP sites as well as major magazines, gutter installation operations, clothing retailers, and breweries. And entrepreneurs. I can’t begin to tell you how many entrepreneurs who didn’t have the capital to start
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