It is with great delight to announce that WP Email Capture 3 is out now! I’ve had a soft launch with WP Email Capture 3, launching actually just before Christmas, but now I’m able to tell the world about it. WP Email Capture 3 – The Refactoring WP Email Capture 3 had a huge refactor of the code from 2.11 (the last branch of 2.11). Previously, the Premium version of the plugin was a replacement for the free one, which made it hard to push out updates, as you’d have to push out a new version of both the free version and the premium version, to keep the number the same. This lead to problems as people were downloading the free version and overwriting the premium version. Version 3 stops this issue. The Premium version is now an extension of the free version. Both the free version and the premium version run off the same codebase, with the premium version functionality is added on to the free version. This means that changes can be made a lot quicker, updates can be made a lot quicker, furthermore Easy Digital Downloads is now the cart of choice for the plugin, meaning that you can now update directly from the WordPress Dashboard, no FTP details necessary! Both myself
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