In this post, I will explain: So, the basic idea is to register “Page Builder” page template, and use it to toggle/switch between Visual Editor and Page Builder when user change the page template. To follow this tutorial easier, you can download the source code: Register Page Template From Plugin To make this plugin not theme dependent, we need to register page template without creating it in theme. It’s actually easy. WP have theme_page_templates filter. add_filter('theme_page_templates','fx_pbbase_register_page_template'); function fx_pbbase_register_page_template( $templates ){     $templates['templates/page-builder.php']='Page Builder'; Theme can easily add support for the plugin by creating “templates/page-builder.php” file and take control of the page output if needed (e.g hide page title, full width/no sidebar, etc). Add Page Builder Control/Setting Instead of using meta box, I’m going to add the “page builder” after/below the Content Editor. In this tutorial, we are going to use placeholder text to display Page Builder Control. WordPress have edit_form_after_editor hook to add content right after the visual editor.
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