You can download / check github repo for example plugin: And here’s the video of the plugin in action: Let’s start. Output Page Builder Data It’s very similar to fxpb_render_rows() function to display rows control in earlier tutorial, but this time we are going to create a function for front-end.     $row_datas = fxpb_sanitize( get_post_meta( get_the_ID(),'fxpb',true)); if(!$row_datas ){ foreach( $row_datas as $order => $row_data ){         $order = intval( $order ); if('col-1'== $row_data['type']){             $content .='<div class="fxpb-row fxpb-row-'. $order .' fxpb-col-1">'."\r\n";             $content .='<div class="row-content">'."\r\n\r\n";             $content .= $row_data['content']."\r\n\r\n";             $content .='</div>'."\r\n";             $content .='</div>'."\r\n\r\n";       
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