It’s May, so we’re in the throes of spring with new life bursting forth all around! And the labs of WP Rocket are no different. We have hatched a new baby, and that baby is WP Rocket 2.8, A.K.A “Ilum”. The development of WP Rocket is a team effort, but special mention goes to Rocket scientist Remy, who has been working particularly hard on this major new release and deserves many props! Let’s have a look at the mouth-watering new features of 2.8: Database Optimization While most WP Rocket features, like page caching and minification, focus on front end optimizations, a bloated database on the backend will also have an impact on your overall site speed. Now you can trim the fat from your database right within WP Rocket. If you’ve been using the plugin WP -Optimize, you can now use this instead. Look for the new “Database” tab: Sitemap Preload This is huge! We’ve implemented a brand new way you can warm your cache, with greater control and less impact on your server. The normal preload for new content, and the homepage crawl are still available, but if you have an XML sitemap on your site, WP Rocket can now preload all those URLs for
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