Gravity forms make over 5 Million Dollars per year, according to Scott Bolinger. $5 Million, from a single plugin! Developing plugins used to be something developers did mostly for free in order to solve WordPress related issues. Nowadays, freelancers and companies alike are trying to think of ways to create a plugin as a business model. Tom Ewer discussed such models in his article about making money through WordPress. Here at Pojo we have developed a wide array of plugins over the past two years. From a form builder, a user activity log, to a plugin that makes short URLs. So what are the best ways to think up winning plugin ideas? If you’re wondering about techniques that help developers come up with winning plugin ideas, I’ve compiled a list of 17 plugin inspirations. This is the second part in our series on plugin development, following the in-depth interview we did with CaptainForm. These are not groundbreaking ideas, but can certainly help you get the push you need, if you are currently in the “developer’s block” stage. I’ve included real world examples for each plugin ideas, so you can better understand how to reverse engineer each method and
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