With the WordPress REST API still staggering towards the finishing line, now is a great time to dust off the crystal ball and consider how developers might actually go about making money through its commercial use in the future. The next few years promises to bring a flood of new talent into the WordPress ecosystem, cementing the platform’s place as the dominant publishing platform online. We’re still in the early days of this next stage, but it’s already obvious that a much wider world of opportunity is potentially opening up to skilled developers. In this piece, we’ll whet your appetite for what’s to come with a look at four exciting new revenue opportunities opened up by the REST API. All of them are still relatively unexplored and have outstanding profit potential for many years to come. 1. Creation of Niche-Specific Software as a Service Solutions With the right mix of specific themes and plugins, WordPress has more than proven its value as a niche-specific solution over the years, and blogging is far from the only niche being served. From real estate to restaurant sites, hundreds of thousands of small businesses across the globe are already tailoring
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