Wouldn’t it be great to stay in touch with your visitors even when they’re on someone else’s website? To let them know when you publish a new post no matter what they’re doing? Push notifications allow you to do just that, and they’re easy to integrate into your WordPress website. Push notifications can help drive traffic to your website and, if you’re running an e-commerce store, increase your sales. In this post, I’ll show you some examples of push notifications, tell you why they’re beneficial, and then show you how to set them up for your WordPress site. Push notifications update your fans immediately If you own a smartphone, you’re probably familiar with push notifications. Push notifications initially gained traction on mobile but have since become popular for desktop users as well. They work like this: A person visits your website. On your website, they get a request from you to receive push notifications: If they accept, you gain the ability to send them notifications that show up on their desktop and/or mobile phone. Then, whenever you publish a new post or want to update your website fans, you can directly send them a notification
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