It’s incredibly important for photographers to display their work in a beautiful way on their website, and WordPress makes this easier than ever. Of course, any WordPress theme can display images and other media, but not all are optimized to make sure your photos look the best they can.

These five themes are perfect for photographers looking for an easy way to shine a light on their work.

Infinite Photography

photography themes

Infinite Photography’s power is in its ease of use. Simply choose your cover photo for the top section where your title is. Then lay out the photos you want in a large grid by clicking on each box. The theme takes away the clutter and lets your work take center stage.

You can also customize everything from the location of the sidebar to the color, logo and more.


photography themes

As you may have guessed by the name, PhotoBook acts as a display book for your photos. It is fully responsive, mobile-friendly, and translation ready. You can display your favorite 10 images right on the front page which can all be clicked on and looked at closer.

The theme comes with built-in social widgets that will allow people to not only view your work but also share it on their social media accounts.

Photo Perfect

photography themes

Photo Perfect is completely customizable and responsive. It’s no wonder it has more than 6,000 active installs. The theme allows for a gallery as well as a blog, which is a great option for travel or food photographers. Adding and deleting photos is easy so you can switch them out weekly, monthly, or as you see fit.

Viewers can look at your favorite photos, or search by category.


Photography themes

One of the simplest themes on the list, Photolab, ensures that all of the focus is on your photos. Whether you want to display writing, photography, quotations, or more, this theme highlights what is important. The whole thing is surrounded by a tasteful border.

The theme is fully responsive and will look just as great on a computer, tablet, or phone.


Photography themes

Photographer allows your content to be viewed in a Full-Screen slider for an easy way to quickly navigate the site. For those who want to take more time perusing your photos, use the portfolio feature. Here you can keep all your photos and organize them by category or date. The theme also allows you to integrate text within the photos to tell a visual story, which is a great option for graphic designers or illustrators.

You can’t go wrong with any of these beautiful themes, as they all allow you to display your work beautifully.

What are your favorite themes for displaying photos? Answer in the comments below!

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