Migrating WordPress from one host to another used to be such a hassle. Broken databases, missing files, and long wait times made it one of my least favorite things to do. Until I discovered plugins and tools that made migration joyfully easy. Here is a list of my favorite migration tools. Not only have I included descriptions about each, but which tool is best for what kind of user. If you don’t see your favorite migration tool below, please include it in a comment at the end. Not only is this plugin easy to use, but it also works on the most popular hosting providers and is free! For the majority of users looking to migrate WordPress, this plugin will do the job. You just install it on your site, set a few options, and export a file. Then, install the plugin on your new site, and import the file. The plugin takes care of the rest. Some advanced users may find that it doesn’t offer all the options they need, but for simple migrations, you can’t get much better than this. Click the link below to learn more about All-in-One WP Migration. 2. Duplicator Like All-in-One WP Migration, Duplicator is also free. However, Duplicator provides many more options that an advanced
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