There are so many WordPress plugins available which can compress your images on your website. Most of the plugins do compression during upload and include an option for bulk compression after upload. Some of the plugins include: Imagify * WP Smush * Each of them works with the WordPress Media Library, but some of them extend to NextGEN Gallery as well. For example, Imagify, WP Smush Pro, and EWWW will compress NextGEN Gallery images. Some of the plugins require connecting via an API key, so the compression is done through a third party server. Others, like EWWW work on your server, running your server's resources. Both methods have upsides and downsides. When using an external server, it means your website will remain running at a nice speed while the compression is happening. It also reduces the risk of resource overload which can lead to site crashes. Compressing with your server means uploads should be done faster because there is no sending and receiving of image files to an external location. The downside of either method is the risk of metadata loss, image corruption, image loss, over compression and upload slowness. Although we have tested many of the compression plugins and
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