At the end of last year, I had the chance to meet Vova Feldman and see what he was working on with Freemius. It was a cool product, to be sure, and it’s been neat to see it take off over the last few months. Just as I did with Freemius, I had a chance to see what else Vova has been working on and this time it’s something geared towards those who are selling products via their site. Thus, there’s the aptly named Freemius Checkout. This product is geared specifically to those who are looking to sell plugins or themes. Freemius Checkout at a High-Level I’ll share more in-depth information about the product a bit later. But for those who are more interested in a survey of the actual product, I thought I’d highlight it here. The Freemius Homepage In short, Freemius Checkout is positioning itself as: An easy way for you to sell your WordPress products from anywhere on the internet. It’s basically a Buy Button you can embed on any web page. There’s a variety of solutions for things like this that are available, but I always enjoy seeing competition entering the market (it feeds innovation, right?). Plus it’s neat to see how other developers tackle
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